Spammers and fake profiles are banned

To know: We do our best to block and blacklist false members and scammers, we inform you that the photos disclosed generally come from certain victims (stars, businessmen and women, etc.) who their photos are stolen by scammers somewhere on the internet, we then publish them to warn our members and also to share our knowledge with our partners. Our sole purpose of publishing our dictionary is to discourage scammers.
Do not hesitate to inform us of a member who appears to you to be false, so we will not hesitate to include them in this list.
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  US Baker erikak 24 years old
erikak scammer and fake profile banned on
Description: i am a simple girl, looking for a relationship
Connection country GB US CA

2022-03-24 01:17:09

  US East Chicago erika 24 years old
erika scammer and fake profile banned on
Description: i am good girl .i am single looking for serious relationship that can lead to marriage
Connection country US

2022-03-21 01:49:02

  IT Roma lynda45 32 years old
lynda45 scammer and fake profile banned on
Description: je suis à la recherche d’un homme sincère
Connection country CI

2022-03-20 16:13:05

  TN El Ksar charlotte9 34 years old
charlotte9 scammer and fake profile banned on
Description: je suis a la recherche d'un homme avec qui revivre ma vie
Connection country TN MU

2022-02-14 20:57:19

  TN Le Bardo lilia37sex 32 years old
lilia37sex scammer and fake profile banned on
Description: femme mariée chaude et charmante
Connection country TN
Connection IP

2022-02-11 19:20:27

  GB Lytham St Annes vvvlove20 30 years old
vvvlove20 scammer and fake profile banned on
Description: I'm looking for a lastingI'm looking for a lastingI'm looking for a lastingI'm looking for a lastingI'm looking fo...
Connection country RU
Connection IP

2022-02-01 13:48:29

  NG Lagos reymond 102 years old
reymond scammer and fake profile banned on
Description: I know I don't love It ok Alright.fn.
Connection country NG

2022-01-28 12:18:15

  US Santa Cruz kylie 25 years old
kylie scammer and fake profile banned on
Description: Am a nice and behaved person
Connection country NG
Connection IP

2022-01-27 07:03:05

  BJ Cotonou (Saint-Jean) adrianaam 28 years old
adrianaam scammer and fake profile banned on
Description: Good and honest heart
Connection country BJ
Connection IP

2022-01-11 00:53:32

  TN Manzil tiffanyc 35 years old
tiffanyc scammer and fake profile banned on
Description: I need a good man who’s interested to be
Connection country NG
Connection IP

2022-01-06 04:39:04

  GB Aldridge sungjoe27 39 years old
sungjoe27 scammer and fake profile banned on
Description: No I'm a sincere and honest man
Connection country NG

2022-01-04 23:04:37

  US Colorado Springs cheryiuu 22 years old
cheryiuu scammer and fake profile banned on
Description: hello am Miss Cheryi, Nice to meet you
Connection country TG
Connection IP

2021-12-04 08:41:27

  TN Beni Kheddache cheryl jakes 34 years old
cheryl jakes scammer and fake profile banned on
Description: Canada Toronto
Connection country NG

2021-10-13 10:58:33

  US Asheville wang5 50 years old
wang5 scammer and fake profile banned on
Description: I am a responsible Man and i enjoy my job and I strive for success in everything I do.I am a fun loving man, jovial, lovely and passionate.
Connection country NG
Connection IP

2021-09-25 23:13:07

  TN Le Bardo lilianouna 32 years old
lilianouna scammer and fake profile banned on
Description: femme mariee cherche un mec chaud pour une relation serieix
Connection country TN
Connection IP

2021-09-13 17:37:22



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